Live Web Training: Measuring Mechanical Properties of Living Cells with AFM – 14/06/16

Measuring Elastic and Viscoelastic Mechanical Properties of Living Cells using Bruker’s BioScope Resolve AFM

Join Bruker on Tuesday 14th June at 10am CET for a live remote web training session about measuring mechanical properties of living cells with AFM.

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Cell Mechanics

Cell mechanics are of great interest nowadays, with relevance in areas including disease, cancer and tissue engineering. However, with their highly complex structure and time-dependent (viscoelastic) response, measuring their mechanical properties can be challenging.

This live remote training session will briefly highlight the capabilities of various AFM modes (PeakForce QNM, FASTForceVolume, creep response, DMA) and how they can be used to achieve accurate and reproducible mechanical measurements.

A live experimental session will be held from Bruker’s labs in Karlsruhe, to demonstrate the best practice for measuring elastic and viscoelastic mechanical properties of living mammalian cells.


Tuesday 14th June 2016, CET timezone

10:00 – Introduction to cell mechanical measurements
10:20 – Live experimental session
11:20 – Questions
11:30 – Close


All are welcome – please feel free to forward this announcement to your colleagues who may be interested.

Simply register on Bruker’s website, and you will be sent a link to attend the training.

To ensure the session runs smoothly on the day, please register individually, rather than sharing links.

Bruker BioScope Resolve biological AFM

BioScope Resolve

The instrument used in the live experimental session will be Bruker’s BioScope Resolve, an AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) optimised for biomechanics and mechanobiology research. Map whole live cells quickly, in high resolution. The instrument also incorporates an inverted optical microscope. Achieve the highest resolution biological imaging and piconewton-level force measurements and spectroscopy at every pixel. 

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker AFM in Scandinavia (Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark). If you have any questions about the BioScope Resolve or their other AFM instruments, please get in touch.

Overview of BioScope Resolve from Bruker life science application scientist Dr. Andrea Slade

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 More about the BioScope Resolve AFM

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or