SEMT Meeting 2018 – London, 12 December 2018

Visit us at the SEMT Meeting 2018 on Wednesday 12th December 2018 at the Natural History Museum in London.

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SEMT 2018

SEMT 2018

SEMT is the Society of Electron Microscope Technology’s annual meeting. Speakers this year include Derrick Lovell, David Everest, David Cox, Paul Gunning, Jemima Burden, Lore Troalen, Daniel O’Flynn, Jennifer Cookman and Natasha Stephen.


  • Derrick Lovell
    Our Golden Anniversary! How we Started
  • David Everest (Animal and Plant Health Agency)
    All creatures great and small: Using bio-imaging in a veterinary pathology department
  • David Cox (University of Surrey) Focused Ion Beam
    More than TEM foils and cross-sections
  • RMS Beginners’ Competition
  • Paul Gunning (Smith and Nephew)
    Multi-technique Imaging and Spectroscopy in Medical Device R&D and Industrial Troubleshooting
  • Jemima Burden (Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology)
    Back to the future: finding a “Flux Capacitor”!
    Lore Troalen (National Museums of Scotland)
    Precious metal analysis: archaeological gold and silver objects under the SEM
  • Daniel O’Flynn (British Museum)
    X-ray Imaging at The British Museum
  • Jennifer Cookman (University of Limerick)
    Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy of API Nucleation for in situ Magnetic Field Induced Polymorph Growth
  • Natasha Stephen (Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre)
    Correlative microscopy; from the nano to astronomical scale.
  • Wine reception and finger buffet

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The date of this event has now passed.

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RMS Beginners Competition

Each year the RMS Beginners’ Competition is held to encourage those relatively new to microscopy to present their work in front of an audience at a scientific conference. Details for the 2018 competition are on the SEMT website – enter by 30th November 2018.


The meeting will be held at the Natural History Museum in London:


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