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Electric car batteries

Analysing Li-ion Batteries with Raman Spectroscopy

Identify battery materials, produce maps and correlate composition and structure with device performance with Raman and AFM-Raman.

Measure 2D materials with Raman microscopy

Analysing Carbon and 2D Materials with Raman Spectroscopy

Using Raman spectroscopy to study structures produced from carbon and different types of 2D materials, including graphene.

Imaging microfibrils with AFM

Analysing Plant Cell Walls with AFM – Paper and Pulp

A paper has been published about imaging plant cell walls to analyse cellular structure and microfibril orientation. Atomic Force Microscopy is a useful tool in the paper and pulp industry.

Correlated Atomic Force Microscopy and Raman spectroscopy

Nanoscale Analysis with AFM and Raman Spectroscopy

How to combine Atomic Force MIcroscopy (AFM) and Raman spectroscopy for enhanced nanoscale information about your sample’s structure, composition and properties.

AFM Workshop 2016, Denmark

AFM Workshop: Latest Developments in SPM, 17/03/16, Denmark

Come to our AFM workshop on Thursday 17th March 2016 at DFM (Danish National Metrology Institute) in Denmark.