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Cryo-EM with the Gatan BioContinuum

Gatan BioContinuum Imaging Filter for Cryo-EM and Cryo-ET

New direct detection system for low-dose, single-particle imaging and cellular organisation and ultrastructure studies.

Cryo-EM in Structural Biology

Cryo-EM in Structural Biology

How cryo-EM is used in structural biology to solve structures at resolutions not possible just a few years ago.

Using Optical Tweezers on Live Cells

Using Optical Tweezers to Manipulate and Measure Forces

How to use Optical Tweezers to manipulate and measure forces on particles and live cells with the Bruker JPK NanoTracker 2, including adhesion, intracellular studies and cell mechanics.

Imaging microfibrils with AFM

Analysing Plant Cell Walls with AFM – Paper and Pulp

A paper has been published about imaging plant cell walls to analyse cellular structure and microfibril orientation. Atomic Force Microscopy is a useful tool in the paper and pulp industry.