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Renishaw InVia InSpect

Renishaw InVia InSpect: Raman Microscope for Forensic Trace Analysis

The Renishaw inVia InSpect is a new version of Renishaw’s inVia confocal Raman microscope, optimised specifically for use in forensic laboratories for trace chemical analysis.

Renishaw Correlate Software

Combine Raman with other Microscopy Techniques (SEM, AFM, IR & more)

With Renishaw’s new Correlate software module, you can combine results from various microscopy techniques for more powerful data.

Silicon Wafer Defects

Characterising Semiconductors with Raman Spectroscopy

How Raman spectroscopy can be used to characterise semiconductor materials. Measure defects in SiC, crystal quality, stress/strain, homogeneity and more.

Combining Indentation & Raman

Combining Raman Spectroscopy and Nanoindentation

How to combine Raman and nanoindentation for correlated mechanical and chemical data, delivering insights into your material’s properties.

Coatings Analysis with Raman

Characterise Coatings with Raman Microscopy

How to analyse layers and coatings with Raman spectroscopy, with the example of paint on coated metal.

Raman Imaging Solar Cells & Photovoltaics

Characterising Photovoltaics and Solar Cells with Raman Spectroscopy

How Raman spectroscopy is used in the development of photovoltaics and solar cells.

Large area mapping with the Renishaw Invia Raman Microscope

Large Area Raman Mapping: Fast and High Resolution

Unique features from Renishaw for mapping large areas quickly and at high resolution with Raman spectroscopy.

Raman Spectroscopy Webinar

Webinar: Latest Developments in Raman Spectroscopy

Join us for a webinar about the latest developments in Raman spectroscopy on Wednesday 21st June 2017: 12 noon – Iceland 1pm – UK 2pm – Sweden, Norway, Denmark 3pm – Finland Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for the Renishaw Raman instruments. If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote, please get in touch: […]

Raman imaging

Raman Imaging and Mapping

The difference between Raman imaging and mapping, and the benefits of each. How to get the best spatial resolution and highest quality results.