New Bruker JPK NanoRacer AFM for Single Molecule Applications

The Bruker JPK NanoRacer is a new biological AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) with speeds of up to 50 frames per second for studying dynamic biological processes in real time.

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Bruker JPK AFM

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Bruker JPK NanoRacer Biological AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)

Real-Time Molecular Dynamics at 50 Frames per Second

The new Bruker JPK NanoRacer is a fast AFM for single molecule applications. Its unprecedented imaging speed of 50 frames per second sets a new milestone in high-speed scanning. It enables you to visualise dynamic biological processes in real time.

The NanoRacer’s atomic resolution can deliver new insights into single molecule behaviour, for a greater understanding of dynamic processes in biochemistry, molecular biology and biomedicine.

This means you can benefit from a more in-depth understanding of:

  • Single molecule binding behaviour
  • Dynamics in 2D protein assemblies
  • Enzyme activity
  • Assembly and disassembly processes of protein structures
  • DNA origami assembly
  • Protein/protein interactions
  • Motor protein and membrane trafficking dynamics
  • Virus and bacteria morphology and dynamics

The system was developed by Bruker in close collaboration with leading experts in the field.

So many things are still hidden in biological molecules. To uncover their unexplored secrets, there is a true need to directly observe individual molecules during their functional activity. As the fastest commercial, high-speed AFM available, the NanoRacer enables this direct observation in real-time. A lot of innovative ideas have been incorporated for easy operation and high performance, and it is my utmost wish that many researchers will use the NanoRacer to make exciting discoveries.
Toshio Ando - Nano Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI), Kanazawa University, Japan.

Example: DNA Molecule in Fluid

The video below shows part of an individual DNA molecule imaged in fluid on mica+PLO substrate in closed-loop. The video contains 1000 images acquired without user assistance at an imaging speed of 50 frames/sec. This demonstrates the stability and low force imaging of the NanoRacer even at high speeds. The x-range is 100 nm (100 pixels), y-range 80 nm (80 pixels) and z-range 2.0nm.

The NanoRacer system is the satisfying culmination of a series of Bruker innovations in high-speed AFM. From both a performance and usability standpoint, we believe the NanoRacer will revolutionise high-end atomic force microscopy for single-molecule applications. Researchers from biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular medicine now have, for the first time, an AFM tool that enables them to watch molecules at work and understand structure-function relationships in depth.
Torsten Jähnke, Director of BioAFM at Bruker

Example: DNA Origami Imaging

The video below is of DNA origami nanostructures, containing 5 biotin binding sites on mica imaged in fluid with streptavidin presence. It was taken in closed-loop with the Bruker JPK NanoRacer, as an example of high speed and low interaction forces for studying molecular binding phenomena.

The bright dots appearing and disappearing on top of the origamis depict streptavidin molecules binding and unbinding with the origami nanostructures. The video consists of 478 individual AFM scans taken at a rate of 35 frames/sec, with a maximum tip velocity of more than 1.2 mm/s.

The x-range is 200 nm (100 pixels), y-range 166 nm (83 pixels) and z-range 3.5nm. Taken in collaboration with C.M. Domínguez and C.M. Niemeyer of the Institute for Biological Interfaces (IBG-1), KIT (Germany).

A New Benchmark for High-End Research AFM

  • Up to 50 frames/sec in fluid, in a 100nm x 100nm scan range, and with 10k pixels.
  • Designed for use with small cantilevers.
  • Photothermal cantilever excitation.
  • New XYZ flexure scanner architecture.
  • Lowest noise positioning sensors in each axis.
  • Low forces, high resolution and utmost stability.
  • JPK’s high-performance Vortis™ 2 controller
  • Fully automated set-up – perfect for multi-user environments and imaging facilities.

About Bruker JPK

JPK instruments joined Bruker in 2018, bringing in-depth expertise in:

  • Live-cell imaging
  • Cellular mechanics
  • Adhesion
  • Molecular force measurements
  • Optical trapping
  • Biological stimulus-response characterisation

Combined with Bruker’s AFM experience, together they design and manufacture microscopy instruments for biomolecular and cellular imaging, as well as force measurements on single molecules, cells and tissues.

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