Polymer Analysis Webinar: Using AFM-IR (Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy) 11/12/14

Polymer analysis webinar about using AFM-IR (nanoscale IR spectroscopy) and related problem solving techniques.

The webinar is on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 4pm GMT, and is hosted by Anasys Instruments.

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AFM-IR is a breakthrough technique that it is rapidly being adopted as the method of choice for polymer chemical identification and composition mapping at the nanoscale. With sub-50nm spatial resolution, AFM-IR is a completely new way of exploring polymers across a diverse range of applications, well below the spatial resolution limits of conventional IR microspectroscopy.

The webinar will also cover related complementary techniques for nanoscale mechanical spectroscopy and thermal analysis.

Polymer Analysis Webinar

A panel of specialists will discuss the fundamental aspects of AFM-IR, with examples from recent applications in:

Research & Development
Understanding the nanoscale interphase mixing of components, which leads to valuable R&D insights into the formulation of films, blends and composites.

Failure Analysis
The source of nanoscale contaminants and other process issues that lead to failures in manufacturing or when in use by the customer.

Reverse Engineering / Competitive Analysis
Analysing the nanoscale chemical composition of your competitors’ products to protect your own IP.

The webinar will also discuss applications in polymer blends, fibre composites, nano composites, multilayer polymer films, coatings and drug/polymer formulations.

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About Anasys Instruments

Blue Scientific is the official UK supplier for Anasys Instruments. Anasys are pioneers in the field of AFM-based analytical property measurements, with award-winning technologies.

Anasys offer the only full-featured AFM that delivers true nanoscale chemical analysis via nanoscale IR spectroscopy. This breakthrough technology uses the AFM probe as the IR absorbance detector. Anasys also offers AFM probe-based nanoscale thermal analysis (with unique thermal probes) and AFM-based wideband mechanical spectroscopy. For those with existing systems, their nanoscale thermal analysis module interfaces to most commercially available AFMs.

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