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Bruker PeakForce TUNA AFM

Nanoscale Electrical and Mechanical Property Mapping with AFM

How to map current and conductivity at the nanoscale on fragile samples with AFM, without damaging them or contaminating the probe tip. Useful for lithium battery research, organic photovoltaics and carbon nanotubes.

SBEM - Serial Block-Face Imaging

What is Serial Block-Face Imaging?

Serial block-face imaging is a 3D imaging technique for life science and materials. How it works, advantages of the technique, applications and example images.

NTNU Trondheim

ENRIS 2017 & NNUM 2017 – 8-10 May 2017

Visit us at ENRIS 2017 (European Nanofabrication Research Infrastructure Symposium) on 8-9 May and NNUM 2017 (Nordic Nanolab User Meeting) on 9-10 May at the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

Bruker Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

New PeakForce SECM AFM Mode – Bruker AFM

PeakForce SECM is a new AFM mode for Bruker Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscopes. Perform scanning electrochemical microscopy and in-situ electrical mapping in liquids.

Ultratrace Element Analysis of Nanoparticles

Analysing nanoparticles with TXRF trace element analysis, with examples and details of experiment set-up.

Nanoparticle CHaracterisation - Challenges for the Community

Nanoparticle Characterisation – Challenges for the Community – 04/07/16

UK conference about nanoparticle characterisation on Monday 4th July 2016 at the Institute of Physics, London.

PeakForce Tapping

Webex Training: Nano-Electrical Characterisation Calibration Parameters and Best Practice

Join Bruker for a live remote webex training session about nano-electrical calibration calibration procedures and best practice, on Monday 8th February 2016 at 10 am (CET time).

Polymer Analysis Webinar from Anasys

Polymer Analysis Webinar: Using AFM-IR (Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy) 11/12/14

Polymer analysis webinar about using AFM-IR (nanoscale IR spectroscopy) and related problem solving techniques. The webinar is on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 4pm GMT, and is hosted by Anasys Instruments.  View our range of scientific instruments AFM-IR is a breakthrough technique that it is rapidly being adopted as the method of choice for polymer […]

AFM-IR Webinar - nanoscale IR spectroscopy for materials and life science

AFM-IR Webinar, 21st October: Nanoscale IR Spectroscopy for Materials and Life Science

AFM-IR webinar about nanoscale IR spectroscopy for materials and life science, presented by Anasys Instruments on Tuesday 21st October at 8am PST (4pm GMT). Learn about revolutionary AFM-IR surface analysis technique and why it is being adopted as the new method of choice for nanoscale chemical identification and composition mapping. With sub-50nm spatial resolution, AFM-IR is an entirely […]