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Online Training from Bruker Nano

Online Training from Bruker Nano: AFM, Tribology, Nanoindentation and more

Join Bruker for a series of free online training sessions over the next few weeks, covering nanoscale surface analysis topic.

Testing Thin Films and Coatings with the Bruker UMT TriboLab

Testing Thin Films and Coatings with the Bruker UMT TriboLab

Testing Thin Films and Coatings with the Bruker UMT TriboLab Test the material properties of thin films and coatings with the Bruker UMT TriboLab. Perform a wide variety of mechanical tests on thin films and coatings including: Nano- and micro-indentation tests for coating nano/micro-hardness and elastic modulus evaluation Scratch-hardness tests under constant load for scratch resistance and […]

Nanoindentation Workshop

Surface Characterisation and Nanoindentation Workshop 08/06/16

Join us for a nanoindentation workshop on Wednesday 8th June in Coventry, with talks from invited speakers, live demonstrations and the official UK launch of the Bruker NanoForce nanoindenter.

In-Situ SEM

Try out In-Situ SEM Nanoindentation – 28-29 May, Birmingham

Discover more about in-situ SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) nanomechanical testing with a personal in-situ SEM nanoindentation demonstration. The demos will be held at the University of Birmingham on 28 and 29 May, after the MidSEM (Midlands SEM) meeting. Contact us to book your session now. Personal In-Situ SEM Nanoindentation Demonstrations Pairing the high sensitivity of nanomechanical testing with the high […]

High temperature SEM indentation

High Temperature In-Situ Mechanical Testing

High temperature in-situ mechanical testing, using a Hysitron PI series SEM PicoIndenter. A study of indentation on silicon at extreme temperatures.  Contact us View our scientific instruments SEM PicoIndenter The Hysitron PI Series SEM PicoIndenter is a depth-sensing mechanical test system designed to interface with a wide range of scanning electron microscopes (SEM). They uniquely couple the ability to acquire quantitative nano-mechanical […]

Hysitron xSol High Temperature Nanoindentation Stage

Nanoindentation Video: Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage

Nanoindentation video about the Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage – an award-winning stage for nanomechanical characterisation over a broad range of temperatures, up to 800°C!  View our range of scientific instruments An understanding of nanoscale mechanical properties is important when researching and developing reliable high temperature materials for use in extreme environments. The Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage […]

Add Nanomechanical Testing to your SEM

Add nanomechanical testing capability to your SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) with the new Hysitron PI 87xR SEM PicoIndenter. Enhance the capabilities of your tribology or nanoindentation lab with the new depth-sensing nanomechanical testing for SEM attachment. Hysitron’s PI Series SEM PicoIndenter® is a depth-sensing mechanical test system that interfaces with scanning electron microscopes. Perform quantitative nanomechanical […]