“Solutions for NanoAnalysis” Podcast

A new nanoanalysis podcast has been launched by Bruker, covering areas of nanoscale analysis including micro-XRF, TXRF, nanomechanical testing, TEM/SEM and more.

Listen to the podcast to catch up on interesting uses of nanoanalysis while you’re in the car, in the lab, working remotely or going for a run. There’s a new episode to listen to each month – and the first five are available now.

Solutions for Nanoanalysis

Nanoanalysis Podcast

The podcast is called “Solutions for NanoAnalysis”.

Each episode focuses on a different nanoanalytical problem in the lab or in the field. Each month there’s a special guest discussing their interesting, thought-provoking analytical problems, along with with the solutions they found and the results. Together with specialists from Bruker, they discuss how the problem was handled in the past, any updates and even envision future solutions.

The podcast features guest scientists and technicians from a range of fields, both academic and from industry.

  • Elemental and structural analysis at the micro- and nano-scale
  • Micro-XRF elemental analysis
  • TXRF trace element analysis
  • Nanomechanical testing

Podcast Episodes

The first five episodes are available now, and there’ll be new a podcast each month.

  • Finding the Right Tool for the Right Question
    Douglas Stauffer, Bruker Hysitron, with Peter Hosemann, University of California, Berkeley
  • Steel Analysis with M4 TORNADO
    Tina Hill, Bruker Micro-XRF, with Geoff West, University of Warwick
  • Big Power in a Tabletop SEM – EBSD with the new Bruker ED-XS
    Daniel Goren, Bruker EBSD, with Mike Toalson, Coxem
  • Dust Bunnies in Space
    Dr. Kristen Bunker, RJ Lee Group, with Dr. Marit Meyer, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Foreign Objects found in Food
    Kim Russell, Bruker

Where to Listen to the Podcast

The podcast is on all major platforms – use the links below or search for “Solutions for NanoAnalysis”.

Follow the podcast to catch future episodes as they’re released:

Be on the Podcast

Share your work with the nanoanalysis community! It’s an extremely varied field, and guests are welcome from all areas. Bruker are currently looking for guests to interview about their results and interesting stories. If you’re interested in being featured, let them know!

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